Month: March 2018

Advice on Selling Diamonds

selling diamonds

With the increase in demand of diamonds, it does not seem to come as a surprise that the price of diamond has been increasing in the past couple of years. With the increase in demand, a lot of jewelers selling diamonds have decide to fill their stock with more diamonds. If you think that now is the right time to sell an engagement ring, take note that it can be a real headache. These are tips that you should follow should you decide to sell your stones.

Be ready to sell it

More than any other precious stone, diamonds are linked with love thus they are hard to part with. This is the reason you need to make sure that you are well prepared to sell your diamond ring before you go through this. Since buying and selling of this stone is just like any other trade, you should not complicate the process by involving emotions. If you are going to have regrets about selling your diamond, it is best to stop and look for other ways to make some money.

Know the real value of your diamond

The mere fact that your late aunt or even grandmother had mentioned to you how valuable their ring is, does not automatically make it so. Before you rush to the nearest jeweler, you should inform yourself about the authenticity and quality of your stone. More often than not, you are sure to get an unbiased opinion in regard to the worth and value of your diamond from a qualified appraiser. In addition to how much you should expect for the stone, the appraiser is also able to point out the negative and strong attributes of your stone and information that you could use later on to negotiate for a fair price for the jewelry.

Set a realistic price

You should know that the price of the diamond can fluctuate based on some circumstances and it can also be very different on specific market trends. Do not worry though since an appraiser can help you know the best selling strategy based on the market trends and also help you to better understand the potential resale value of the stone that you have. You can then use all the information that you have to come up with a realistic price that is going to attract a lot of customers.


Evaluate all your selling options

When it comes to selling your diamond ring, you have two more or less secure alternatives. You can either sell it to the public or to the jewelry industry. Probably you might have figured out that selling your stone to a retailer is not only safer but also faster. Some people say that selling diamonds to a retailer means that you are not going to get top dollar for your piece. With a little bit of research, you can get a retailer than can offer you a good price. You can also get diamond buyers online. This is a good option but you need to be very careful though.